Engineering Procurement Construction

Optimize efficiency and reduce costs by directly collaborating with the technology provider

Stewart provides comprehensive EPC services for clients, delivering capital efficiency and project certaintly.
Stewart's services include:

  • Engineering and Design
  • Procurement
  • Fabrication
  • Construction
  • Operations Assistance

All of our design for our proprietary technology is done in house by our Multi-Discipline engineering team in parametric 3 Dimensional Software.

Project Planning and Execution

  • Tight schedules
  • Coordincation
  • Budgets
  • Quality control

Project Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Tracking performance
  • Communication
  • Risk management
  • Data management

Project Collaboration and Communication

  • Teamwork
  • Technology
  • Language barriers
  • Documentation

Turnkey Technical Capabilities
Glass Composition      Soda Lime, Tinted, Low Iron, 
Borosilicate, Aluminosilicate
Tonnage Range      50 - 1200 MTPD
Fuel Type      All Electric, Natural Gas, HFO, Combination
Automation Level      Full "Hands Off" - Semi Automatic
Glass Thickness Range 0.4 - 24 mm
Raw Material Selection Analysis & Optimization
Plant Operating Costs Optimized to local market

Architectural Glass

StewartFloat® Tin Baths commonly produce glass between 2 - 25mm thick  for architectural applications. AcuraCoat® Online CVD Systems produce value-added glass coatings such as Low E, reflective, self-cleaning, antimicrobial, and solar control. These CVD coatings improve the energy efficiency and aesthetics of buildings.

Appliance Glass

AcuraCoat® Online CVD Systems produce a number of glass coatings for   appliance applications. Some appliance applications include:                               
       • Electrically-defrosting doors for commercial refrigerators and freezers
       • Residential refrigerator doors 
       • Heat-reflective oven doors
       • Microwave doors
       • Washer and Dryer machine doors

Solar Glass

EcoMelt® Energy Efficient Furnaces and StewartFloat® Tin Baths can produce ultra-low iron glass for any solar application, including those requiring laser scribing. AcuraCoat® Online CVD Systems produce conductive glass coatings and anti-reflective coatings for solar applications. CVD is the only process that can produce the quantity, quality, and durability at low cost needed for this application.

Automotive Glass

EcoMelt® Energy Efficient Furnaces and StewartFloat® Tin Baths produce high quality, low-defect glass as required for automotive applications. Stewart Engineers implements special technologies to minimize optical distortion and virtually eliminate tin defects. AcuraCoat® Online CVD hard coatings have been used for automotive  windshield and back-lite defrosting.

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