Float Glass Factory Contractor

Building the facility is only the beginning. Stewart Engineers will provide training, ongoing operational support, financial analyses, and more.

Western quality equipment tailored to global markets

Stewart Engineers uses decades of experience in the glass industry to design and build glass manufacturing facilities that maximize profit. Stewart's international project management and procurement experience results in facilities that are built with quality, on budget, and on schedule. AcuraCoat® CVD products dramatically increase margins above those of commodity glass. Stewart Engineers also supplies glass manufacturing training to improve production yields and quality.

Stewart Glass Manufacturing Facility - Technical Specifications

Glass CompositionSoda Lime, Low Iron, Tinted, Borosilicate, Aluminosilicate Tonnage Range50 - 1200 MTPD Tonnage Control2 Automatic Redundant Tweels Glass Thickness Range0.4 - 25 mm Plant Operating CostsOptimized to local market

Stewart Facility Construction Photos

Glass Manufacturing Facility Applications

Low-Emissivity architectural float glass windows for all types of buildings

Architectural Glass

Stewart Float Facilities can produce products such as Low-E, Body Tints, Reflective, Self-Cleaning, Aesthetic, and Solar Control for architectural customers. The facility can produce these products in various final thicknesses and sizes.

Commercial refrigerators with CVD coatings that eliminate condensation and frost to increase efficiency

Appliance Glass

Stewart Float Facilities can produce various conductive coatings for appliance applications. The two most common applications are heated refrigerator and freezer doors and heat reducing oven windows.

Solar panels made with thin-film conductive CVD coatings

Solar Glass

Stewart Float Facilities can produce cover glass and conductive coatings for solar applications. Stewart technologies integrate together to produce the quantity, quality, and durability needed for this application.

An electronic tablet with a screen that utilizes ultra-thin float glass

Electronics Glass

From thin glass produced in the StewartFloat® tin bath to special glass compositions and coatings, Stewart has the expertise needed to succeed in electronic applications such as touch screens.

Stewart Engineers employee working on state-of-the-art 3D CAD model of a Stewart glass manufacturing facility

Stewart Facility Customers

Customers choose Stewart Engineers for our technology and experience. Below are some of the customers who have partnered with Stewart Engineers to build a glass manufacturing facility.

Orda Glass corporate logo

Orda Glass

Under construction in Kyzylorda, Kazakhstan. Designed to be the largest float glass producer in Central Asia.

China Southern Glass corporate logo

China Southern Glass

Founded in 2005. One of the largest glass manufacturers in China.

Mulia Glass corporate logo

Mulia Glass

Founded in 1986. Largest glass manufacturer in Southern Asia - Indonesia.

Turnkey Float Glass Factory Downloads

Float Glass Factory

Float Glass Factory

Stewart Engineers uses its considerable experience in float glass to design and build float facilities that maximize profit. Technologies like the…

Stewart Turnkey Services

Stewart Turnkey Services

Turnkey projects include engineering, procurement, and construction services. Stewart Engineers reduces the total cost of a project 10-20% by the following...

Stewart Engineers Product Line

Stewart Engineers Product Line

Stewart Engineers integrates all float line components including engineering, procurement and construction management, training and commissioning, and operational support...

Float Glass Applications

Float Glass Applications

Float glass applications include architectural, automotive, solar, electronics, appliance, and furniture. Stewart Engineers designs industry-leading equipment for each customer’s desired...