Glass Coating CVD System - AcuraCoat®

The AcuraCoat® Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) system produces cutting-edge, profitable products

Equipment for High-Margin Specialty Float Glass Products

AcuraCoat® CVD coating systems transform financially vulnerable float glass facilities into highly profitable value-added pyrolytic glass factories. Float manufacturers can transform their business at a fraction of the initial float line cost, while maintaining the ability to temper and laminate CVD coated glass. For new or retrofit facilities, adding an Acuracoat CVD system is a proven method to increase profit.

3D CAD model of AcuraCoat® CVD coaters - both Lehr and Tin Bath varieties

AcuraCoat® Technical Capabilities

Glass CompositionSoda Lime, Low Iron, Borosilicate, Aluminosilicate Capacity75,000 m2 per day (3 mm, 600 metric tonnes per day) Glass Thickness Range1.5 - 12 mm Glass Width Range3000 to 4300 mm Gross Ribbon Width Coating Costs$0.30 to $1.50 per square-meter Glass Shelf LifeHard-coating substantially enhances shelf-life Glass HandlingNo edge-deletion or special handling required

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AcuraCoat® Commercial Glass Applications

Low-Emissivity architectural float glass windows for all types of buildings

Architectural Glass

AcuraCoat® CVD Systems produce glass coatings such as Low-E, Reflective, Self-Cleaning, Aesthetic, and Solar Control for architectural customers. CVD coatings improve the energy efficiency and aesthetics of buildings.

Commercial refrigerators with CVD coatings that eliminate condensation and frost to increase efficiency

Appliance Glass

AcuraCoat® CVD Systems produce various glass coatings for appliance applications. Some conductive applications include heated refrigerator doors, heated freezer doors, and heat reducing oven windows.

Solar panels made with thin-film conductive CVD coatings

Solar Glass

AcuraCoat® CVD Systems produce conductive glass coatings for solar applications. CVD is the only process that can produce the quantity, quality, and durability needed for this application.

An electronic tablet with a screen that utilizes ultra-thin float glass

Electronic Glass

AcuraCoat® CVD Systems produce several conductive glass coatings for unique electronic applications such as touch screens. Durable CVD coatings empower electronics manufactures to create unique products.

AcuraCoat® Customers

AcuraCoat® CVD systems give independent float manufacturers access to the latest CVD technology without costly and uncertain investments in large research and development projects. Stewart Engineers has a proven track record of success with CVD. Adding value added products is proven to increase profits, and an AcuraCoat® system is the prime method for adding these products to new or existing float facilities. Below are some of the customers who have purchased CVD equipment from Stewart Engineers.

AGC Glass North America corporate logo

Asahi Glass Co.

Founded in the 1970s. The largest glass company in the world

Caspian Flat Glass corporate logo

Caspian Flat Glass

Founded in 2008. One of the largest glass manufacturers in Russia

China Yaohua corporate logo

China Yaohua

Founded in 1922. Well know as the “Cradle of China glass industry”

Kibing Glass corporate logo

Kibing Glass

Founded in 2007. One of the largest float glass producers in China.

Orda Glass corporate logo

Orda Glass

Under Construction in Kyzylorda, Kazakhstan. Designed to be the largest float glass producer in Central Asia.

AcuraCoat® Technology

The AcuraCoat® CVD system deposits thin film layers of metal oxides onto glass. The layers are deposited at high temperatures, above 600℃, and are therefore very durable, which is why CVD coatings are often refered to as "hard coating." Each coater deposits one layer and some applications require multiple layers, resulting in the need for several coaters. Stewart Engineers assists customers in selecting the CVD glass coating system tailored for their market. A two coater system often provides superior value as it has low capital cost while still producing a variety of products.

The AcuraCoat® system is much easier to operate than competing systems such as MSVD (soft coat sputtering system). AcuraCoat® system supervisors with basic technical skills and operations training are able to effectively operate the system. AcuraCoat® allows for reduced cost of equipment, installation, material, and overhead compared to any other glass coating technology.

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AcuraCoat® CVD Coater Brochure

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