StewartFloat® Tin Bath Furnace

Premium Quality Float and Specialty Glass

The StewartFloat® tin bath enables manufacturers to produce float glass with repeatable and accurate thicknesses between ultra-thin and ultra-thick. Stewart's superior custom design and operational know-how allows customers to operate with reduced utility costs, reduced defects, and increased throughput. 

StewartFloat® Technical Capabilities
Glass Composition      Soda Lime, Tinted, Low Iron, Borosilicate, Aluminosilicate
Tonnage      50 - 1200 MTPD
Thickness 0.4 - 25 mm
Energy Efficiency  Trained for Very Low Energy Usage
Ribbon Width 2000 - 5500 mm
Automation Level Fully Automatic
Quality Automotive and Mirror
Training Included
Cross Ribbon Temperature ± 2.0 C

StewartFloat® Customers

StewartFloat® tin baths have helped many independent float glass manufacturers achieve lasting success. Stewart has built 23 tin baths to date, all of which are still operational today. This track record establishes us as the premier choice for new and existing manufactures who want to produce high quality float glass profitably. Below are a few companies who use StewartFloat® tin baths:

StewartFloat® History

Stewart Engineers built the first StewartFloat® tin bath in 1992, and it continues to produce 2 mm glass today. In 1997, Stewart Engineers successfully commissioned a StewartFloat® tin bath in Southeast Asia that is still producing ultra-thin glass down to 0.55 mm. Stewart Engineers has equipped the worldwide float glass market for 35+ years with 23 tin baths, thus providing immense expertise to design a StewartFloat® tin bath to fulfill your market demands. 

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