Tin Baths for Float Glass Production - StewartFloat®

In their third decade of operational service, StewartFloat® Tin Baths continue to be the key to success in the float glass industry

Premium Quality Float and Specialty Glass

The StewartFloat® tin bath enables manufacturers to produce float glass with repeatable and accurate thicknesses between ultra-thin and ultra-thick. Stewart's superior custom design and operational know-how allows customers to operate with reduced utility costs, reduced defects, and increased throughput.

3D CAD model of StewartFloat® Tin Bath including an AcuraCoat® CVD glass coater and top roll machines.

StewartFloat® Technical Capabilities

Each StewartFloat® tin bath is custom designed to optimize its production performance, per the customer’s requirements, including:

Glass CompositionSoda Lime, Tints, Low Iron, Borosilicate, Aluminosilicate Accommodations for Customer NeedsCapacity
Glass Thickness Range
Glass Width Range
Automated Process ControlsPool and Tonnage
Thermal Conditioning
Top Roll Machines

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StewartFloat® Product Applications

A Stewart Engineers variety of glass coatings including colored, anti-reflective, and ultra-clear glass

Coated Glass

StewartFloat® tin baths are designed to interface with Stewart's AcuraCoat® CVD coating systems in order to produce value-added coatings such as photovoltaic, energy saving architectural, and appliance glass.

Low-Emissivity architectural float glass windows for all types of buildings

Architectural Glass

StewartFloat® tin baths can yield all thicknesses within the common range used for architectural glass. Thicker glasses are often used for specialty architectural applications such as impact resistant glass.

Automotive quality float glass surrounds this white commercial transport bus

Automotive Glass

StewartFloat® tin baths produce high quality, low defect glass needed for automotive applications. Automotive glass is commonly tinted, laminated, and bent.

An electronic tablet with a screen that utilizes ultra-thin float glass

Electronics Glass

StewartFloat® tin baths are capable of producing ultra-thin glass, which is commonly used for electronics display screens, along with specialty glass compositions such as borosilicate and aluminosilicate.

StewartFloat® Customers

StewartFloat® tin baths have helped many independent float glass manufacturers achieve lasting success. Stewart has built 23 tin baths to date, all of which are still operational today. This track record establishes us as the premier choice for new and existing manufactures who want to produce high quality float glass profitably. Below are a few of the companies who use StewartFloat® tin baths.

Sangalli Group corporate logo

Sangalli Group

Founded in the 1950s. First independent float glass producer in Italy.

China Southern Glass corporate logo

China Southern Glass

Founded in 2005. One of the largest glass manufacturers in China.

Kaveh Glass corporate logo

Kaveh Glass

Founded in 1985. Largest glass manufacturer in Iran.

Mulia Glass corporate logo

Mulia Glass

Founded in 1986. Largest glass manufacturer in Southern Asia - Indonesia.

Vivix CBVP corporate logo

CBVP (Vivix)

Founded in the 1930s. One of the most modern float glass plants in the world located in Brazil.

StewartFloat® Technology

The StewartFloat® System includes specialty tin bath technology and a customized design package with respect to tonnage, thickness, ribbon width, and automation level. The StewartFloat® tin bath produces cutting-edge glass products for applications including architectural, automotive, and specialty products.

Stewart Engineers has independently developed its proprietary StewartFloat® float glass technology and has successfully commissioned over 20 facilities in 11 different countries. All are producing premier quality float glass comparable to the leading Western manufacturers. For each project, Stewart Engineers customize the tin bath design to suit the customer's market and demands while integrating the latest innovations.

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StewartFloat® Tin Bath

StewartFloat® Tin Bath

Over the past 36 years, 23 proven StewartFloat® tin baths have been installed worldwide, all of which are operational today. StewartFloat® tin baths are producing glass as thin as...

Float Glass Applications

Float Glass Applications

Float glass applications include architectural, automotive, solar, electronics, appliance, and furniture. Stewart Engineers designs industry-leading equipment for each customer’s desired applications...