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Technical Specifications
Glass Composition      Soda Lime, Tinted, Low Iron, 
Borosilicate, Aluminosilicate
Tonnage Range      50 - 1200 MTPD
Fuel Type      All Electric, Natural Gas, HFO, Combination
Automation Level      Full "Hands Off" - Semi Automatic
Glass Thickness Range 0.4 - 24 mm
Raw Material Selection Analysis & Optimization
Plant Operating Costs Optimized to local market

Architectural Glass

StewartFloat® Tin Baths commonly produce glass between 2 - 25mm thick  for architectural applications. Residential architecture commonly uses 2.3 -  4mm glass, while commercial buildings use 6 - 15mm glass. Products above  15mm are typically used by fabricators for specialty architectural  applications such as hockey rinks or security windows.  

AcuraCoat® Online CVD Systems produce value-added glass coatings such as Low E, reflective, self-cleaning, antimicrobial, and solar control. These CVD coatings improve the energy efficiency and aesthetics of buildings. 

Appliance Glass

AcuraCoat® Online CVD Systems produce a number of glass coatings for   appliance applications. Some appliance applications include:                               
       • Electrically-defrosting doors for commercial refrigerators and freezers
       • Residential refrigerator doors 
       • Heat-reflective oven doors
       • Microwave doors
       • Washer and Dryer machine doors

Solar Glass

EcoMelt® Energy Efficient Furnaces and StewartFloat® Tin Baths can produce ultra-low iron glass for any solar application, including those requiring laser scribing.

                                                                                                                                                            AcuraCoat® Online CVD Systems produce conductive glass coatings and anti-reflective coatings for solar applications. CVD is the only process that can produce the quantity, quality, and durability at low cost needed for this application.

Automotive Glass

EcoMelt® Energy Efficient Furnaces and StewartFloat® Tin Baths produce high quality, low-defect glass as required for automotive applications. Stewart Engineers implements special technologies to minimize optical distortion and virtually eliminate tin defects.

                                                                                                                                                            AcuraCoat® Online CVD hard coatings have been used for automotive  windshield and back-lite defrosting. 

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