Glass Furnace - EcoMelt®

The EcoMelt® regenerative furnace improves your bottom line while producing cutting edge, high quality glass products

Glass Melting Made Easy and Repeatable

Stewart Engineers applies over 35 years of experience to design, develop, and deliver superior efficient melting furnace technology to the glass industry. EcoMelt® furnaces are regenerative, multi-port, cross-fired, and designed for long-life. Stewart can assist customers with specifying tonnage, fuel source, glass type, and automation level to suit their market needs. Stewart will design, develop, and install an EcoMelt® furnace to fit your needs.

3D CAD model of AcuraCoat® CVD coaters - both Lehr and Tin Bath varieties

EcoMelt® Technical Capabilities

The fully customizable energy efficient EcoMelt® furnace is designed to produce the highest quality coated, architectural, automotive, and electronics glass while maintaining the best thermal efficiencies, lowest emissions, and maximum furnace life.

Glass Type Soda Lime, Ultra-Clear, Tints, Borosilicate Tonnage 50-1200 MTPD Energy Efficienty 1350 ± 10% KCAL/KG Glass Level Precision ± 0.15mm Canal Temperature Precision ± 0.7 C Furnace Pressure Precision ± 0.30 mmH2O

EcoMelt® Financials

High yields and long furnace life are necessities for a float facility to reach full profit potential. Stewart Engineers achieves these objectives through:

EcoMelt® furnaces can attain 20-year melting campaigns. Long campaigns between rebuilds provide the highest return on investment. Lost sales revenue during a rebuild exceeds rebuild capital expenditures.

Stewart Engineers specializes in achieving high yields by utilizing the EcoMelt® furnace technology with expert operational and maintenance training. This combination results in up to a 10% increase in yields and millions in additional sales revenue per year. Our premium technology and expertise will serve as the foundation to ensure superior furnace performance, boost yields, and lengthen furnace life.

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EcoMelt® Commercial Glass Applications

Coated Glass

EcoMelt® furnaces yield the highest quality glass for the AcuraCoat® CVD coating systems in order to produce value-added coatings such as photovoltaic, energy saving architectural, and appliance glass.

Low-Emissivity architectural float glass windows for all types of buildings

Architectural Glass

EcoMelt® furnaces produce glass for many architectural applications. The high quality, low defect glass serves as a perfect medium for insulated glass units and other architectural applications.

Automotive quality float glass surrounds this white commercial transport bus

Automotive Glass

EcoMelt® furnances produce high quality, low defect glass needed for automotive applications. Automotive glass is commonly tinted, laminated, and bent.

An electronic tablet with a screen that utilizes ultra-thin float glass

Electronics Glass

EcoMelt® furnaces are capable of producing other compositions such as high alumina, high zirconia, and borosilicate glasses for display and other electronic applications.

EcoMelt® Technology

The EcoMelt® furnace deploys a coalition of the latest industry innovations and technology built upon a proven, robust foundation. This coalition has been perfected to maximize energy efficiency, glass quality, furnace life, ease of operation, and, ultimately, profits. Every refractory block and steel member of the EcoMelt® furnace has been fully modeled in 3D CAD. EcoMelt® furnace comes equipped with an unmatched refractory and insulation package that allows for significant increases in energy efficiency and glass quality.

For each project, Stewart assists customers in specifying the tonnage, ribbon width, and glass type to suit their needs. Our expertise in glass manufacturing facilities, combined with a relentless commitment to innovation, enables us to deliver the best products and services in the glass industry.

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EcoMelt® Furnace

EcoMelt® Furnace

EcoMelt™ furnaces employ a high degree of automation to control pressure, temperature, and glass level with minimal operator intervention. Furnace automation results in increased yields, decreased operating expenses, and longer lifespan.

Float Glass Applications

Float Glass Applications

Float glass applications include architectural, automotive, solar, electronics, appliance, and furniture. Stewart Engineers designs industry-leading equipment for each customer’s desired applications...

EcoMelt® Ultra Clear Glass

EcoMelt® Ultra Clear Glass

The EcoMelt® Energy Efficient Ultra Clear glass is a Low Iron float glass that is made using a very low level of iron oxide.

EcoMelt® History

EcoMelt® furnaces give independent float manufacturers access to the latest furnace technology. Two EcoMelt® based furnaces are in operation today in Italy with both producing premier quality float glass. The two furnaces combined have produced over 200,000 tons of ultra-clear glass. These two furnaces serve as the robust foundation for the EcoMelt® furnace.


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Sangalli Group

Founded in the 1950s. First independent float glass producer in Italy.