About Stewart

Mission Statement

At Stewart Engineers innovation is not just a goal, it is ingrained in our very identity. Our company was founded on the principles of pushing boundaries, challenging norms, and driving continuous advancements in glass melting, forming, and coating technologies. We embrace creativity and actively seek groundbreaking solutions that redefine what is possible in the flat glass industry.

Our dedication to innovation is reflected in our core values and commitments:

  • Trustworthy project management, ensuring customer confidence
  • Championing continuous improvement, adapting to customer needs
  • Secure job environment, promoting employee satisfaction and growth
  • Seamless and enjoyable daily operations
  • Cultivating trust-based supplier relationships for mutual growth
  • Enhancing company value, delivering rewarding returns to shareholders

At Stewart Engineers, we are more than just a supplier; we are innovators shaping the future of sustainable glass technologies. Our commitment to leading the way in environmental sustainability is at the core of our identity. Dedicated to minimizing our carbon footprint, we ensure that our technologies and processes are eco-friendly. Through innovation in sustainable glass melting, forming, and coating technologies, we strive to protect the planet for future generations. Our partnerships are built on trust and a shared commitment to success, promising visionary solutions that go beyond expectations. Together, we are not only redefining what is possible in the flat glass industry but also contributing to a more sustainable world.

Stewart Engineers - A Global Presence


Stewart Engineers was founded in 1986 by Les Stewart. The company began by supplying general engineering services and concurrently initiated development of tin bath technology. In 1987, a full design was finalized and soon after sold to Muliaglass. Construction commenced in 1989 for the first StewartFloat® tin bath in Jakarta, Indonesia, that is still in operation today. In the 1990s, repeat orders were quick to follow as Indonesia, France, and China each commissioned new float facilities utilizing the StewartFloat® tin bath.

Stewart Engineers expanded over the next decade with 13 bath installations in seven different countries including Iran, China, Italy, Russia, Turkey, India, and Saudi Arabia. Key milestones for StewartFloat® baths included the production of ultra thin glass for electronics applications and ultra thick glass for architectural applications. In addition, 2005 brought the development of Stewart’s AcuraCoat® online pyrolytic coating technology to deposit Low-emissivity, reflective, solar control, photovoltaic, and self-cleaning products. Two AcuraCoat® orders followed in 2006 for the production of Low-Emissivity and solar control coatings.

Stewart Engineers is currently managing the turnkey construction of a 600 MTPD float factory in Kyzylorda, Kazakhstan. This factory will feature the latest and most advanced tin bath and CVD coating technologies in the world.

To date, Stewart Engineers has completed 25 StewartFloat® tin baths and 6 AcuraCoat® coating systems.

Stewart Engineers Core Values

  • Innovate by taking intelligent risks
  • Put the customer first and value their business
  • Strive to simplify
  • Relentlessly seek greatness
  • Advancing operating excelence together
  • Choose a path of service and adventure