Stewart Engineers Turnkey Services

Stewart Engineers provides all services associated with the planning, construction, and commissioning of turnkey float glass factories

Financial Feasibility Studies

Feasibility studies assist in generating your business plan to secure bank financing. Stewart Engineers feasibility studies also:

With our unique coating technology, the feasibility, profitability of your investment, and the likelihood of bank financing are all significantly increased.

If you purchase a Stewart Engineers feasibility study, we will deduct the entire cost from the down payment toward a turnkey float glass facility.

32.3% 1.8% 7.5% 2.0% 2.9% 2.4% 2.7% 48.9% Total Glass Market 136 MT Flat Container Reinforcement Insulation Mineral Wool Art Specialty Frits 20% 1% 3% 4% 10% 12% Flat Glass Market 44 MT Architectural Furniture Automotive Electronics Appliance Solar


Stewart Engineers turnkey projects include turnkey procurement. We provide integrated process equipment specifications that vendors need in order to generate quotes. Stewart Engineers reduces the total cost of your project 10-20% by:

  • Operating with lower overhead
  • Selecting qualified vendors
  • Obtaining and negotiating fair quotations for equipment
  • Expediting logistics and inspection services
  • Document control

Operational Support

Stewart Engineers offers the following operational support:

  • Equipment Training
  • Operational Training
  • Heat-up and commissioning
  • Debugging and problem solving
  • Performance tests including defect resolution
  • Ongoing operational training and support is available at rate