float facility, StewartFloat® float glass technology


Glass first gave us the ability to see outside without feeling the elements. Today, with new smart energy saving coatings, it can help reduce a building’s heat loss and gain, making it crucial for improving energy efficiency.

The StewartFloat® float bath furnace makes the best glass products for most applications, including architectural, automotive, and specialty products. It is a well-known fact that float glass manufacturing facilities with Western quality hot ends (melting furnace, StewartFloat® tin bath furnace, and annealing lehrs) produce the highest quality float glass products. Stewart Engineers has independently developed its proprietary StewartFloat® float glass technology and has successfully commissioned over 20 facilities in 7 different countries. All are producing first quality float glass comparable to the leading Western manufacturers. For each project, we customize our tin bath furnace design to suit the customers market and demands while integrating our latest innovations.

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