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Glass Manufacturing Project Management

“We deliver a solution on budget, on time, and on scope!”

At Stewart Engineers, project management and detailed design and engineering are performed by a diverse group of engineers and project professionals. Experts in scheduling, cost management, work flows, scope, and document control work in concert to make everything run like clockwork. Our project management services consist of but are not limited to the following:


  • Analysis of business requirements
  • Review current operations
  • Financial analysis
  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Project charter

Planning and Design

  • Plan collaboration
  • Scope statement
  • Planning team
  • Deliverables
  • Identify resource requirements
  • Time & cost estimation
  • Schedule
  • Budget
  • Risk planning
  • Project approval

Execution and Construction

  • Project execution
  • Quality control
  • Project Team creation
  • Information distribution
  • Stakeholder expectation
  • Equipment procurement

Monitoring and Controlling Systems

  • Project status
  • Project variables
  • Risk Management
  • Change control implementation
  • Continuing support

Project Completion

  • Commissioning with signed certificate
  • Contract closure