Glass Coating Technology

Global energy costs continually rise due to diminishing natural resources while at the same time global energy consumption continually rise. Our global energy crisis affects each company and each person every day. Since it is such a problem, we must consciously consider solutions to improve our lifestyles. One real solution is smart functional glass with higher energy performance and improved durability. Better energy performance reduces the consumption of fossil-fuel-sourced heating, cooling, and electricity, resulting in a reduction of daily energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

Until recently, on-line pyrolytic chemical vapor deposition (CVD) technology was effectively available only to large international glass companies who had developed the technology in-house. Our advanced On-Line Pyrolytic Chemical Vapor Deposition process, developed by Stewart Engineers and its technical partners, allow all glass manufacturers to produce revolutionary new hard coated glass products that enhance the appearance and energy efficiency of homes and offices.

Stewart Engineers’ state-of-the-art AcuraCoat® on-line pyrolytic coating systems for the glass industry allow glass manufacturers to produce this functional glass with Reflective, Low E Pro, Solar Control, Photovoltaic, and Self Clean properties at reduced coating costs per unit when compared to the off-line sputtered systems.

With high coating capacity, flexibility, speed, throughput and maximum uptime, Stewart Engineers’ AcuraCoat® on-line pyrolytic hard coating solutions enable glass manufacturers to produce high value products at competitive costs. Line speeds of the glass manufacturing facility and the types of hard coatings desired will determine the appropriate AcuraCoat® system:

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