on-line glass coating equipment products


StewartFloat® System

The StewartFloat® System includes standard or specialty float bath furnace technology and a customized design package with regards to tonnage, thickness, ribbon width, automation level, and sourcing.

AcuraCoat® System

The AcuraCoat® System includes the on-line pyrolytic Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) technology and a customized design package with regards to coatings (Reflective, Low E Pro, Solar Control, Photovoltaic, and Self Clean).

General Contracting

Stewart Engineers is a full-service General Contractor for the Glass Manufacturing Industry. Our multi-discipline team can plan, design, engineer, and manage a broad range of integrated project solutions.

Technical Advisory

Stewart Engineers Technical Advisory Services help our customers develop strategic technical priorities and direction, we advise on new markets and product opportunities, product, service and technology matters.

Other Products and Services

Stewart Engineers offers several other products and services. Including: