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5-Jan-2018 | Turnkey Facility Update — Orda Glass Jan 2018

Exciting News Entering 2018:
Stewart Engineers, Inc. (“Stewart Engineers”) has achieved a number of milestones on the Orda Glass Kyzylorda, Kazakhstan float glass project thus far:

    • Sourcing of process suppliers: Stewart Engineers for the tin bath, CVD, and control system; Bottero for cutting and packing; Lahti for the batching; CNUD for the lehr; and TECO for the melter
    • Design of integrated processes
    • All engineering work, including civil specifications, were approved by Kazakhstan state expertise


9-Nov-2017 | Stewart Engineers Turnkey Facility Update — Orda Glass Nov 2017

Stewart Engineers, an investor, EPC contractor, and technical advisor for the Orda Glass facility is pleased to announce the completion of the process steel installation for the project. China Triumph has recently been added to the project, taking over civil construction from a local builder. Stewart Engineers expects the project to be completed in 2018.

22-May-2017 | Kazakhstan Float Glass Advances

As the process technology provider of the Orda Glass float glass manufacturing and processing plant in Kyzylorda, Kazakhstan, Stewart Engineers, Inc. is pleased to announce float glass advances – Installation of production equipment support steel structures is advancing.

The installation crew on site in Kyzylorda, under the supervision of Stewart Engineers, is ramping up the installation of support steel structures for the tin bath and melting furnace of the Kyzylorda float glass plant. (more…)

17-Feb-2017 | CVD vs. Sputter


The two primary methods of depositing coatings on glass are Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) and Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD). Magnetron sputtering is the most common PVD process. Sputtered coatings are generally referred to as “soft-coat” because they are “painted on” by ionized metals directed at the glass. CVD coatings are referred to as “hard-coat” because they are burned onto the glass and become part of the structure. These coatings can be harder than the glass itself and boost chemical resistance. Both types of coating offer advantages and disadvantages. When evaluating the best option for a glass manufacturing facility, coating performance and ease of fabrication are important factors. (more…)

28-Jul-2016 | 30 Year Anniversary

It all began in 1986, when Mr. Leslie T. Stewart CEO embarked on a journey to develop control systems to support the glass industry.  Stewart Engineers was founded in Grosse Ile, Michigan.  For several years, they served local clients in the control system industry.  As the team worked closely with these clients, they saw more and more business opportunities in the glass industry.  This led to an expansion in their team for the development of float innovative technology specifically for the float glass industry. (more…)

13-Apr-2016 | Orda Glass Construction Update

The construction of the Orda Glass float glass manufacturing facility in Kyzylorda, Kazakhstan is making dynamic progress.

With all of the engineering complete and the warehouse erection nearly finished, the site team is moving activities to the process buildings. The civil works are moving along at a productive steady pace. Our project managers, engineers, and construction team have assured the timely completion of the project while maintaining the highest quality. In addition, all the process suppliers are actively procuring the process equipment. It is anticipated that the first shipments of process equipment will start arriving in Kyzylorda in summer of 2016. (more…)